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Steel Flushing Filters




With their various filter elements, PRECISE  all purpose steel filters are made for wide range of filtering applications and filtration degrees and are easy to install and maintain. They are made of  Steel with high quality powder coating. Stainless steel housings are also available.

Precise steel filters need no tools for dismantling or extracting the filter element from the filter housing for rinsing.

Visual monitoring the status of the filter element without disrupting the water flow is easily done with Precise innovative clogging indicator connected to the filter’s pressure check points. We supplies various filter elements for its steel filters in order to cover a wide range of flow rates, multiple filtration degrees and applications.


Available in:

  •  2″ In Line.
  • 3″ In Line.
  • 4″ In Line.
  • 4″ L In Line
  • 4″ Super In Line.
  • 10″ In Line
  • 12” In line
  • 14″ In Line